Kaname Hagiri Yu Yu Hakusho Cosplay

Kaname 1Kaname 2 Kaname 3 Kaname 4The very first anime series I watched was Beck, given to me by a cousin who I only saw and talked to for 2 minutes in my lifetime. At the airport. While they were on their way back to the US. Before anime, I was only ever into Vertigo Comics by DC. The Annual ToyCon event in the Philippines marries both worlds, so to speak, and I was a regular patron for about a decade. In those 10 years, things evolved. There were once just comicbooks in cartons on floors sold by only a few enthusiasts. It then grew and attracted the anime/manga crowd since, well, it is pretty much in the realm of Toys, still, what with the advent of figmas, revoltechs, hot toys, spawn figs, and the like.

In those first events that attracted cosplayers, I got to take snaps of teens portraying Bleach characters. They were REALLY good. I instantly became a fan. They even posed for me as I took photos using a camera phone. From that moment, I’d go to the event not just for my comicbook fix but also for the amazing cosplays.

The¬†cosplays I portray in this portfolio are of cosplayers I’ve met in the conventions, or are friends of cosplayers I met in conventions.

From the convention corridors, I would get asked if I can take photos of them in costume either inside or outside the studio. As a team, we try and work hard to give the cosplay and character enough justice.

In this set is, once again, Liui Aquino doing his best Kaname Hagiri face and stance. This is the third of three photos from me that got published in a cosplay book in 2013.