Core philosophy of my brand of people photography: honest and beautiful, connecting and relevant, and images worth the time and while of the subject, brand, production team, and, ultimately, the audience.

Art has been a passion since I was young and, surprisingly, I did not start with pen on paper nor charcoal on wall or pavements. I did sculpt Easter Island heads (I know, overachiever, you’d say LOL) from black board chalk (my father was fond of darts and he had a score board at home where the chalks were. Surprise!) by using precision screwdrivers at the age of 6. Then I progressed to painting and long after, pointillism using ceramic pens on illustration board (college project, 5 scientists, one of them Einstein, no prior training, aced the submission). Then murals happened, exhibits in the college art gallery, that sort of stuff.

Photography, although arguably a progression, is still me expressing and enjoying art. With the aid of modern tools in digital post processing, I have also developed a technique in pore-level skin retouching that I now use for my own and international client’s photographs.


Affiliation: MENSA International – November 2008 to Present


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